From this post we learned that the most common words in Pros are “Smart People,” while those of Cons are “Review System.” Please also recall that the majority was before 2015. So, if Microsoft were to take some actions after the period, it would be possible that the change may not reflect in the charts. Therefore in this post, we will use Time Series chart to see the trend of the mentioned words. But as usual, we need to set things up.

The following code is the exact codes used in the post, so we will not cover it again.

We are almost ready. First of all, I would like to learn more about Cons. So I’ll make them into a bigram-chart-ready format.

Now we are ready to do the Time Series analysis. Let’s review the Cons bigram chart.

We can see that stack ranking or annual review is what employees hated the most. We sure could plot the chart using all of them. But that will be a bit messy. So, I’ll use %in%  and put all those variations in the c() .

It did decrease. I have heard that Mictosoft has banished the stack ranking review, which reflected in fewer complaints from their employees in Glassdoor.

Another comment that I find interesting is “middle management.” Did they do anything to address the concern?

It seems like they didn’t.

What about politics and competition?

That is about the same.

TL;DR After Microsoft had killed its stack ranking system, the comments in Glassdoor associated with stack ranking decreased.