2017 H1B Visa Data: Overview

The first post in the H1B Visa series covers an overview of the H1B data. Employers, number of applications, case status and times series of the submission and decision dates are covered.

Real Estate: Discovering Buyer Preferences

You are a realtor with a limited advertising budget and a dozen houses you represent. How can you best advertise each house’s features to prospective customers? Would not it be better if we know beforehand what each client may like so that we can have a direct marketing?

Hospital Analytics: US Best Hospitals

Suppose you are moving to a city in the US and want to live close to a hospital, is there a better way to find a good hospital than just looking at user reviews on Google? What about data from CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)?

HR Analytics: Why Do Employees Leave?

Attrition is a serious issue. Getting insight into the cause is vital for operational improvement. But exit interview rarely gives actionable insight. Can we use data to uncover the hidden pattern?